The Management Effectiveness Survey

Our Management Effectiveness Survey provides the managers/leaders on your team with important information about their strengths and opportunities to enhance their effectiveness.

This survey, built around a research-based unique three factor framework for management/leadership effectiveness, assesses the extent to which an individual has developed the appropriate:

  • Role Concept – understands and embraces his or her role as a manager/leader and invests their time accordingly.
  • Management/Leadership Skills – the degree of practice and proficiency of critical management/leadership skills, e.g. delegation, decision-making, planning, etc.
  • The Inner Game of Management – has an effective command of a management/leadership “mindset” proven essential for managerial/leadership success.

The results are presented in an easy-to-understand graph that compares your results for each of the three factors with those of effective managers/leaders at a similar organizational level (First Line Supervisor, Middle Manager, Senior Manager, and CEO/COO).
Finally, a personal consultation with one of our trained experts to discuss the results and to review specific recommendations is included with the survey.
The Management Effectiveness Survey can be administered for self-development, team development, or as a part of a Leadership Development Program.