Organizational Effectiveness Survey

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The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (“OES”) consists of sixty-five (65) items designed to provide you with a detailed review of your company’s development and Organizational Effectiveness. It measures your company along the six key building blocks required for successful and sustainable development (as outlined in the Pyramid of Organizational Development). The OES is a highly effective diagnostic tool on its own, but it is also a synergistic complement to the Growing Pains Full Insight Survey in being able to provide further details that pinpoint the potential causes for specific Growing Pains observed.

  • Who should take this survey? Anyone who aspires to build a sustainably successful company, and wants to have a thorough understanding of how well developed their company is along the six key building blocks proven essential for long term success. The OES is designed to be administered to both the employees and leadership teams at the company to gather most comprehensive picture possible. Much like the Growing Pains Full Insight Survey, the greater the number of employees at your company who participate in the OES, the more insightful the results become.
  • What type of results will I receive? You’ll receive a thorough, multi-page report that will provide you with a strategic roadmap towards building a sustainably successful organization. The results report will outline the strength and limitations of your company and pinpoint the specific opportunities for improvement. You will also receive a set of benchmarking information from our one-of-a-kind Organizational Effectiveness database to compare your results with other companies of similar size and type. Finally, you will also receive a FREE personal consultation with one of our trained experts to review your results, answer questions, and discuss actionable recommendations provided for your company based on the survey findings.
  • How long does this survey take? This survey takes each participant about 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • When will I receive my results? Your results will be available in your account for your review shortly after the majority (or all) of the survey recipients have provided their responses. Thereafter, one of our trained experts will be in contact with you to schedule your FREE personal consultation.