Management Effectiveness Survey – For Self-Development

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Price: 49.00 / Survey Recipient*

The Management Effectiveness Survey (“MES”) is a validated tool designed to help individuals enhance their managerial capabilities and effectiveness. The survey consists of thirty (30) items that measure an individual's effectiveness within the three factor management/leadership framework (i.e. Role Concept, Management/Leadership Skills, and The Inner Game of Management). The individual survey is administered to the manager/leader as a self-development tool.

Your survey responses are completely confidential and you will be the only person receiving your results.

  • Who should take this survey? Everyone! Whether you are an owner of a company, a member of executive management, a recently promoted manager, or an aspiring entrepreneur, the Management Effectiveness Survey will help you. It is a validated self-development tool for maximizing management/leadership effectiveness that can aid you in leading your company to the next level, becoming more effective in your current position, or to strengthen your managerial foundation to attain new heights in your professional aspirations.
  • What type of results will I receive? You will receive a thorough, multi-page personalized results report as a self-development tool to enhance your individual managerial effectiveness. The report will identify your strengths, as well as provide suggestions for potential opportunities to improve. The survey will assess the extent to which you have developed along the three factor framework proven essential for maximizing managerial effectiveness (i.e. Role Concept, Managerial/Leadership Skills, and The Inner Game of Management – a Management/Leadership “mindset”), and compares your results for each of the three factors with those of effective managers/leaders at a similar organizational level (First Line Supervisor, Middle Manager, Senior Manager, and CEO/COO). In addition, you will also receive a FREE personal consultation with one of our trained experts to review your results, answer questions, and discuss actionable recommendations provided based on the survey findings.
  • How long does this survey take? This survey takes each participant about 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • When will I receive my results? Your results will be generated and available for review in your account shortly after you’ve completed your survey.