Management Effectiveness Survey – For Team Development

Survey Recipients:

Price: 39.00 / Survey Recipient*

When individual Management Effectiveness Surveys (“MES”) are purchased for members of a management team, not only will each member receive their individual results for self-development, GroundSwell Diagnostics will also provide the survey buyer with a summary Management Team Effectiveness report. The Team report provides an overall group summary of the survey results to offer insights on the strengths, capabilities, and effectiveness of the management team as a whole. The report will also provide information that can help you understand the current state of your leadership team’s effectiveness, as well as identify potential opportunities to improve, so that your team will be better prepared to address some of the challenges your company might be experiencing now, and help prepare it for success as the business develops.

Individual survey responses for each of the team member are completely confidential and they will be the only person receiving their individual results. Team reporting will be provided at the group level with a summary of the team-guided survey results.

  • Who should take this survey? Anyone who aspires to build a sustainably successful company, wants to ensure their leadership team is working effectively, and would like to have a deeper understanding of the strengths, capabilities, and effectiveness of their management team as a whole. The MES is designed to be administered to each member of the management team, and as with all of our surveys, the greater the number of team members who participate, the more insightful the results become.
  • What type of results will I receive? Each member of management who participate in the survey will receive a thorough, multi-page personalized results report as a self-development tool to enhance their individual managerial effectiveness. The report will assess the extent to which a manager/leader has developed along the three factor framework proven essential for maximizing managerial effectiveness (i.e. Role Concept, Managerial/Leadership Skills, and The Inner Game of Management – a Management/Leadership “mindset”), and compares each member’s results for each of the three factors with those of effective managers/leaders at a similar organizational level (First Line Supervisor, Middle Manager, Senior Manager, and CEO/COO). In addition, the survey buyer will also receive a Management Team Effectiveness report that will offer a team-guided understanding in regards to the current state of your leadership team’s strength, capabilities, and effectiveness, as well as identify potential opportunities for team improvement. Finally, you will also receive a FREE personal consultation with one of our trained experts to review your results, answer questions, and discuss actionable recommendations provided for your team based on the survey findings.
  • How long does this survey take? The survey takes each participant about 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • When will I receive my results? Your results will be available shortly after the majority (or all) of the survey recipients have provided their responses, and at that time, one of our trained experts will be in contact with you to schedule your FREE personal consultation shortly thereafter.