• Overview

    The purpose of GroundSwell Diagnostics is to help you build a sustainably successful business. Our diagnostic tools will reveal developmental insights about your company, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and offer a baseline measurement in which to track progress over time. Our set of proven diagnostic tools will provide early warnings of potential challenges you will face as your company develops, specify the not-so-obvious obstacles that it may be experiencing right now, and measure your company's degree of development along the six key building blocks required for successful development.

    GroundSwell Diagnostics is a part of the GroundSwell family of companies. We believe assessing your company’s Organizational Effectiveness is that important first step towards building a sustainably successful business, and GroundSwell is here to help you every step of the way. We provide all of the tools and resources you need - including capital - to help you achieve your goals.
    The very same tools and approach behind GroundSwell Diagnostics have been utilized by some of the most successful companies in the world.
  • The Surveys – Inputs and Outputs

    GroundSwell Diagnostics is executed through a set of time-tested, web-based surveys that work together to provide you with a big picture on your company's and management team's degree of effectiveness. It will give you the ability to move from "I think" to "I know", in order for you to begin taking the actions that matter the most. The surveys are easy to understand, simple to administer, and comparable over time.

    Yes, they're surveys, but they’re much more – they measure the critical aspects of your organization through the eyes of the people that are doing the work – your employees. The surveys will measure the un-measurable to quantify your people's commitment and readiness, as well as provide you with a baseline in which to plan improvements and track progress over time. You will attain insights about your company from the experience that you could not attain any other way.

    By asking a specific set of questions that are scored in a certain way, the results will effectively categorize and quantify the challenges your company may be experiencing today or will face in the future as it develops. By anticipating these challenges ahead, it will allow you to be proactive in overcoming them before they occur. Not only are your survey scores useful in shedding light on barriers and obstacles, your results are specific to you, and further benchmarked against firms collected in our database so that you are informed on exactly where you stand given your size, type, and stage of growth.

    Finally, the survey results offer your company a roadmap for successful development that has been validated through 30 years of research, hundreds of companies, and countless success stories.
  • Step

    Select Your Diagnostic Survey

    GroundSwell Diagnostics survey tools invite employee responses to targeted survey questions to evaluate your company’s Organizationl Effectiveness.

    We recommend beginning with the Organizational Surveys. These surveys provide results about your company’s development along each of the six key building blocks outlined in the Pyramid of Organizational Development proven essential for long term success. Your report will include easy-to-understand and actionable results.

    The Organizational Surveys will help you to:

    • Identify your company’s area of strengths as well as specific opportunities to improve.
    • Provide an "X-ray" view of your company to reveals the things that lie beneath the surface, and the not-so-obvious obstacles that may be experiencing today, or could face as it develops.
    • Offer insights that are predictive of your company's future financial performance.
    Organizational Surveys: Time Estimate To Complete
    Growing Pains FREE Sample 5 minutes
    Growing Pains Full Insight Survey 5 minutes
    Organizational Effectiveness Survey 30-45 minutes

    The Management Effectiveness Surveys provide both individual and/or team results, and are designed for either self-development or team development. They provide an evaluation of management effectiveness that outline areas of strength as well as specific opportunities to improve in order to enhance the effectiveness of yourself as a leader, or your management team as a whole.

    The Management Effectiveness Surveys will help you to:

    • Evaluate an individual's effectiveness as a manager, or
    • Assess the effectiveness of a management team as a whole, by surveying a select group of key leaders and/or direct reports.
    • Derive insights into your own, or your management team’s area of strengths, as well as specific opportunities to improve that will enhance overall effectiveness.
    Management Effectiveness Surveys: Time Estimate To Complete
    Management Effectiveness Survey 20-30 minutes
  • Step

    Invite People in the Company to Participate

    We encourage you to invite as many people as possible. The more people in the company that participate in a survey, the more precise your results will be. We make it easy for you to invite people through your online account. Our automated email invitations make instructing team members on the purpose, process, and confidentiality of the survey methodology simple and fast.

  • Step

    Take the Survey

    You and your fellow survey-takers will be guided through the survey- taking process with continuous email communication from us, along with a customer support team available to answer any questions.

    We recommend starting with the Growing Pains Full Insight Survey, in which 10 short questions can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Your answers begin the process of obtaining insights about your company and your employees that will shed light on the strengths and limitations of your organization, as well as identify potential opportunities to improve.

    Next, in the Organizational Effectiveness Survey, more detailed information is derived from a broader set of 65 questions that will provide a thorough assessment and offer actionable recommendations on each of the six key building blocks from the Pyramid of Organizational Development required in building a sustainably successful organization.

    Additionally, we encourage you to consider a constructive evaluation of yourself, or your team’s management effectiveness. The Management Effectiveness Surveys are validated tools that have proven to help enhance your effectiveness as a leader, and the effectiveness of your management team as a whole.

  • Step

    Get Your Results

    After your invited respondents have completed their surveys, you'll receive an email letting you know that the survey-taking process is complete. Shortly after, a thorough, multi-page report containing your assessment and recommendations, as well as benchmarking information for your company against a growing and diverse database of organizations led by other aspiring Owner-Managers, will be available for you to review in your account.

    The survey results will provide information and facts about your company and employees that will allow your to make more confident and effective choices as you plan. Additionally, the report will outline the critical steps necessary for continuing to build your business successfully and sustainably. At the core of your Organizational Effectiveness results is a computerized analysis that details how effectively your company has developed along the six key building blocks, and provides quantitative scores with detailed interpretation on each one to identify the strengths and limitations at your company, along with specific recommendations for opportunities to improve. As an added dimension of flexibility, we can also offer results based on a subgroup of respondents, such as a particular group of individuals (e.g., outside sales reps), a department, or leadership teams.

    Inside your full report, you will also find various charts and graphs designed to give you a visual sense of your company and the areas that require focus along with specific recommended improvements necessary for continued success.

    Chart A below, for example, is color-coded to indicate the extent to which the company has developed along the six key building blocks required for long term success, as outlined in the Pyramid of Organizational Development.

    Chart A – Scores for Sample Company

    Chart B below compares a client's Organizational Effectiveness Scores with those of benchmark companies of a similar size and type. The sample results below indicate that while the company is strong financially, it lags behind benchmark companies in important areas such as Resources, Management Systems, and Culture.

    Chart B – Sample Company Scores vs. Benchmark Companies

    As a complement to your results report, you’ll also receive a FREE personal, one-on-one consultation with one of our trained experts to review your results, answer specific questions, and to help you with your planning to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from the survey-taking experience.
  • Step

    Monitor Your Progress

    We recommend monitoring your progress over time - annually, or more often if your company is developing at a rapid pace. This will allow you to know the areas where your organization has made improvements, identify where new challenges may have emerged, and celebrate observable change with your team in your journey towards long term success.

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